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Municipal Law

Municipal Law Services

  • Preparation and attendance at Ontario Municipal Board hearings and other tribunals
  • Complete support for Committee of Adjustment applications and appearances
  • Drafting of by-laws, contracts and leases
  • Preparation of conveyances and severances
  • Land use planning, including development and subdivision agreements
  • By-law enforcement
  • Municipal taxation and development charges
  • Interpretation of election and procurement law

Municipal Law is a complex combination of local by-laws and provincial legislation that touches on all aspects of daily life. Land use, planning and zoning, development, by-law enforcement and defence, freedom of information and privacy, and the regulation of the political and electoral process are just some of the legal matters that fall under its umbrella. Municipalities, land developers, community groups, and individuals each play an important role in the municipal law process, but their goals can often come into conflict. Navigating this challenging environment requires an experienced, common sense approach to resolving legal matters. 

The SV Law Municipal Law Practice Group actively serves all sectors in the municipal field. We provide ongoing counsel on municipal matters, including: general letters of opinion; by-law, contract and lease drafting; conveyances and severances; land use planning, development and subdivision agreements; by-law enforcement; municipal taxation, development charges and election law. Our firm also prides itself on a robust Ontario Municipal Board practice.

Our lawyers work diligently to help municipalities, land developers, residents associations and private citizens navigate the labyrinth that is municipal law. We presently represent several municipalities in southwestern Ontario, as well as land developers and individuals at the Ontario Municipal Board and Committee of Adjustments.

Municipal Law Clerks

Guelph Office

Kelsey Cudney

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Lynne Banks

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