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Commercial Property Matters

Commercial Property Matters Services

At SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP, we offer a full range of consultation for commercial and property matters. These include:

  • Representation of purchasers and sellers with respect to commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings
  • Consultation and review of agreements of purchase and sale for both potential purchaser and seller to ensure all relevant issues are addressed, such as zoning, environmental, leases and building, and fire code compliance
  • Consultation and explanation of title insurance options along with a full range of title insurance products
  • Full representation with respect to the transfer of the property including:
    • Conducting all relevant title searches, fire code, building code and municipal compliance searches
    • Calculation of all financial obligations
    • Preparation of all documents, such as deeds, mortgages, affidavits, assignments of leases, assignments of rents, status certificates (if applicable) and other relevant documents
Commercial Property Matters Clerks

Guelph Office

Cathy Black

(Commercial) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 294

Cheryl Hotten

(Commercial) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 286