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Today, condominiums account for almost one in two new homes built in Ontario. As their numbers and diversity increase, the complex rules that govern condominiums can create a challenge for Boards, property managers and developers. Specialized legal advice is essential in this intricate environment. We are proven condo specialists dedicated to working with clients to meet their condominium legal needs.

The SV Law Condominium Practice Group proudly offers the complete range of specialized legal services ensuring that your needs are met by our team of lawyers. Our central location and dedication to using technology to enhance our services means you can count on expert legal services, without the exceptional costs. We are committed to a clear, common sense approach to our services and fees that ensure you understand the destination from the outset.

Our team is comprised of experienced lawyers and law clerks who understand the complex condominium environment. We are active in the condominium industry, representing more than 500 condos across Ontario. Our lawyers are contributing members of several chapters of the Canadian Condominium Institute, as well as the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, speaking and writing frequently on the subject of condominium law. The practice group is preparing the forthcoming textbook, "Condominium Law", part of the "Essentials of Canadian Law" series from Irwin Law.

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