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Feb 18, 2021 | Jamie Cockburn

Decisions from the CAT: The Tribunal Process and Vexatious Applications

Introduction Since the creation of the Condominium Authority Tribunal (the “CAT”), some unit owners have brought applications to control c...
Feb 9, 2021 | Robert Mullin

The Issue: The New Reality of Condo Amenities

“The immediate effect I’ve seen in my practice is with existing condos. I refer to them as the canary in the coal mine. They react quickly...
Feb 3, 2021 | James Prosser and Marni Outerbridge

Reviewing Employment Contracts in the Aftermath of Waksdale

On January 14, 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada refused an application for leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal’s judgment in Waksdale v...
Jan 18, 2021 | Eva M. Lane

Can Employers Require Employees To Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

As COVID-19 vaccines are starting to roll out across Ontario, there have been important discussions around “vaccination passports” and lim...
Dec 10, 2020 | Kaitlyn Armstrong

How Long Do You Have to Live Together Before Being Considered a Common Law Spouse in Ontario?

Our Family Lawyers at SV Law are frequently consulted on the legal rights and remedies available to common law spouses upon a breakdown of a relations...
Nov 29, 2020 | Kevin M. Thompson

If a By-law Enforcement Officer Comes To My Door, Do I Have To Let Them In?

The question, “If there’s a by-law enforcement officer at my door, do I have to let them in?” is a question that comes up frequently...
Oct 14, 2020 | Emma Storey

Operating Your Personal Real Estate Corporation in Ontario

Historically, realtors in Ontario were among a small group of regulated professionals who were unable to incorporate a business. After over a decade o...

Decisions From The CAT: Records Requests & Solicitor-Client Privilege

September 2020, Landau v.  MTCC No. 757, 2020 ONCAT 19 Introduction Ontario’s Condominium Authority Tribunal (the “CAT”) r...
Aug 28, 2020 | James Prosser

Changes Affecting Layoffs Due To COVID-19

In the world of COVID-19, changes to the law are plentiful and frequent. Now that the Ontario government has revoked its declaration of emergency, som...
Aug 12, 2020 | Marni Outerbridge

Termination Of Employment During COVID-19 PART 2

In part 1, which can be found here, we reviewed the circumstances in which an employer may terminate the employment of one or more employees...
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