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Wilson, Jack & Grant is the continuation of one of the oldest professional firms in the County of Wellington. The founder of the firm was the late John Alexander Wilson, K.C., who commenced the practice of law in Fergus in 1900. Mr. Wilson entered Osgoode Hall Law School in the year 1900 and was awarded the gold medal as being the leading student in the school for that year and was called to the Bar shortly thereafter. He engaged in the practice of law continuously for a period of forty-five years and was recognized as an authority on municipal and estate law. Mr. Wilson was appointed as King's Counsel in 1935.

In 1935, after his call to the Bar, Allan McNab Wilson joined his father in the firm which became known as Wilson & Wilson.

In 1937, the late John Douglas Wilson joined his father and brother in the practice of law. He was educated in Fergus schools, received his Bachelor of Commerce in 1934 from the University of Toronto and was called to the Bar in 1937. He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1960.

Upon the death of Allan Wilson in 1949, David Jack became associated with Wilson & Wilson, and, in 1953, became a partner of John Douglas Wilson and the name of the firm was changed to Wilson & Jack.

Since that time, various lawyers have joined the firm including Robert Douglas Grant who joined the firm in 1974 at which time the name of the firm was changed to Wilson, Jack & Grant. Cavan Acheson joined WJG in 1976 and shortly afterwards became a partner. Douglas Cambell Jack, Dave's second son, subsequently joined the firm and was quickly welcomed as a partner.

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in Wellington County and in the scope of the WJG practice. The firm has assembled skilled lawyers, law clerks and administrative staff and has developed increased expertise through specialization and modern technology to meet the challenges of its second century.