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Employee Testimonials

“I have had the privilege to be employed with SV Law for the past two years, and it has been such an amazing, educational and exciting adventure. Despite my original lack of experience, the team here really took the time to support me in developing the skills I would need to succeed in my role, and have never stopped encouraging me to grow my skill set and reach higher within the firm. My original role has expanded, and I have also found myself on several committees dedicated to maintaining the high morale and rich office culture at SV. Not only has the team supported me in a professional manner, but as someone who is both trans* and queer, I have found the environment at SV to be warm, welcoming and uplifting. It is such a relief to have a workplace where I am free to be my authentic self.”

Linz, Law Clerk (Real Estate)

"I have been working at SV Law for two years.  I work with an amazing group of people in the condominium practice group.  Everyday seems to come with new and exciting challenges and the team approach incorporated at SV Law helps me to rise up and meet each and every challenge.    SV Law is an excellent law firm focusing on client excellence and staff appreciation.  A positive culture is important to SV Law and they strive to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere.   SV Law provides you with all the tools you need to succeed.  I love what I do and I am proud to be a part of the SV Law family!"

Mariann J., Law Clerk (Condominium Litigation)

"As a Student at SV and then a part time staff member I want to express the absolute gratitude I have for everyone at the Firm for everything I've learned over the last 5 years. Not only will I be starting law school with some very valuable technical skills, but I will go into this profession having the utmost respect and appreciation for every person involved in the legal process - especially support staff. Everyone was so patient with me and my questions when teaching me something new and trusted me with tasks that I probably wouldn't have experienced until I began my career. Not to mention that they are all good people that made coming to work much more enjoyable!  I'm also very thankful for time that the lawyers took out of their busy days to share personal stories and advice with me about their law school and career journeys."

Cierra M., Legal Assistant

“I have been with SV Law for three years. Since the day I started I have felt that the lawyers and staff have welcomed me with open arms and have been an extended family to me. I have made many friends here. The firm has a very active social committee, which I am happy to be a part of, not to mention the many other fun activities that the firm provides. The firm also provides opportunity for me to continue with education and is very supportive. I feel very much appreciated here and enjoy coming into the office every day.”



Lisa P. Law Clerk (Corporate Law)

“I started with SV Law as a co-op student looking for work experience to graduate from the Office Administration – Legal program.  After completing three weeks of co-op I decided to accept the offer of employment working out of the Fergus office as an assistant in corporate law. Let’s fast forward to a little over a year later and it has been the most enriching experience.  The office is a great place for enthusiastic individuals to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper in a positive, fun, hardworking environment.  There are opportunities daily to advance your knowledge and experience, and staff around you are always willing to lend a helping hand or for you to pick their knowledgeable brains.  The office is not only a great spot to apply your skills, but a fun place where we have an active social committee that plans fun out of office or in office activities that remind you that your hard work is appreciated and that we are one great big family.  I am extremely grateful to work for this amazing office, and I look forward to many more years with SV Law!!”


Jennifer M., Legal Assistant (Corporate Law)

“It is great to work in a firm that has integrity and knowledgeable lawyers with many years of expertise and experience who are always willing to assist and support you in your files as well as being honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and courteous. SV Law is a professional work environment that includes a balance of relaxation from its Social Committee that hosts events to give you enjoyment during and outside work hours. My co-workers are compassionate and understanding and are always there to be a friend or support when needed for many crisis’ that may arise not only within your job/role, but also personally; they go above and beyond to benefit others. I have been employed as a law clerk for approximately 27 plus years and employed with this firm for approximately 4½ years; this is the first firm both through the lawyers as well as management team that care about you as an individual and respect your differences, experience, initiatives, organization, hard work and dedication which they reward in many ways.”

Cheryl, Law Clerk (Real Estate)

“SV Law provides the right environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction.  I have worked with one lawyer within the firm for over 18 years now. SV Law, and my mentors therein, have empowered me to perform at my best and deliver excellent service to our clients. SV Law encouraged me to take a leadership and mentor role within the firm, for which I have seen much personal growth.  My co-workers are truly my work family; they are supportive, caring and fun.  The firm supports, volunteers and fundraises for a multitude of charities, helping us to get involved in our community!  SV Law also has a terrific, extremely active, Social Committee, because, we all know the saying, “all work and no play…..”. 

Lori, Law Clerk (Family Law)

“I have been employed by SV Law as an estates clerk for over 12 years. I enjoy working with the lawyers and staff to assist families at a difficult time in their lives. It is great to take part in office and community events throughout the year organized by the firm and by our awesome social committee.”

Karen, Law Clerk (Estates)

“SV Law is a great place to work, with a staff team that is supportive of each other and a social committee that works hard to make the firm an enjoyable place to be. I take a lot of pride in the quality of work produced by the firm and the high standards that we hold in all areas of law. Working within the family law department has proven to be a rewarding experience and the daily variety is an aspect of the job I most enjoy. SV Law is very involved in the community through various events and fundraisers, giving them a positive reputation in the community which makes me proud to be a part of the SV Law team.”

Caren, Legal Assistant (Family Law)