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Employee Spotlight

Our Employee Spotlight features employees who have volunteered to share their biography to give prospective employees and our community a closer look at our employees.  It shines a light on the qualifications and uniqueness of our team members.




Jessi Elliott

Jessi Elliott is a law clerk in the Family Law Practice Group at SV Law.

She has had an interest in law since high school and chose to pursue a career in the area, enrolling in the Law Clerk program at Georgian College where she graduated in 2015. From the start of the program, Jessi knew she wanted to work in the area of Family Law, to help people and families, and while she began her career in the Real Estate Practice Group, she always had her sights set on Family Law.

In her free time, Jessi enjoys writing in coffee shops, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family — and her calico cat, Phoebe (yes, named after the character from Friends).

If Jessi could have one super power, she would choose unlimited energy. Think of all the places you could go and things you could experience if you never needed to sleep!

The one thing Jessi can’t live without is books. They have the power to transport you to other worlds; they are also a great escape from reality, which she states everyone needs every now and then.

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