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Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law Services

  • Representation of purchasers and sellers with respect to single family dwellings, condominiums, recreational and cottage properties, life leases, apartment buildings and multi-unit buildings
  • Consultation and review of agreements of purchase and sale both for potential purchaser and seller
  • Consultation and explanation of title insurance options along with a full range of title insurance products
  • Consultation for, explanation of and preparation of all mortgage documentation
  • Attendance with client for review and explanation of all documents at the time of closing
  • Full representation with respect to the transfer of a property, including:
    • Conducting all relevant title searches
    • Calculation of all financial obligations
    • Preparation of all documents, such as deeds, mortgages, and affidavits
    • Registration of all documents in the title registration system

The purchase or sale of a property is a major decision. For many of us, it is the largest investment we will ever make. Whether you are buying or selling a home, rental property or cottage, it is important to be aware of the legal implications of real estate transactions to ensure you to maximize the enjoyment of your new property or get the most out of your sale or investment.

The SV Law Real Estate Practice Group can help guide you through the purchase or sale of a home, condominium, cottage, life lease, or investment property (including multi-unit buildings). Our lawyers have worked with individuals throughout Ontario to complete the purchase or sale of a property and can help you through this process regardless of where you are in the province.

Our team is made up of experienced lawyers and a dedicated group of clerks who can help you during this process. We know real estate law and will work with you from the review of the Agreement of Purchase or Sale all the way to the final closing of the transaction. Our services include matters of financing of real property and we have extensive background in mortgage and loan documentation for real estate.

Residential Land Transfer Tax Calculator

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Provincial Land Transfer Tax (PLTT)

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**Property in Toronto may be subject to additional Land Transfer Tax

Real Estate Law Clerks / Assistants

Guelph Office

Cathy Black

(Commercial) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 294

Crystal Gillies

(Residential) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 360

Jan Airdrie

(Title Search) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 267

Josee Valade

(Residential) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 306

Megan Mazur

(Residential) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 309

Melissa Bousfield

(Reports) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 299

Patty Rowsell

(Title Search) T. 519 837 2100 Ext. 332

Christine Rogers

(Residential) T. 519-837-2100 x.327

Judy Jowett

(Residential) T. 519-837-2100 x.342

Kris Schraven

(Commercial) T. 519-837-2100 ext.286

Megan Fowler

INTAKE CLERK T. 519-837-2100 x. 226

Fergus/Elora Office

Marion Healey-Seadon

(Residential) T. 519 843 1960

Robbie Westendorp

(Commercial) T. 519-843-1960 x.132

Heather Krouskie

(Residential) T. 519-843-1960 x.137

Christine McDougall

(Reports) T. 519-843-1960 x.127
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