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Decisions from the CAT: Reconsidering “In-Camera” Minutes

Introduction: It is not uncommon for condominiums to conduct “in-camera” board meetings. Such meetings are used to discuss confidential ma...
Jan 14, 2022 | Yinan Li and Diane Kennedy Squires

Tips on Short-Form Amalgamations

An amalgamation is a type of merger where two corporate entities merge to form a new corporation.  This blog post focuses on short-form amalgamat...

Further Expansion of the Condominium Authority Tribunal

January 2022, Condominium Act, 1998 Introduction While we were all ringing in the New Year, the Condominium Authority Tribunal (the “CAT”)...

Unit Owners’ Responsibility for their Occupants:

December 2021, York C.C. No 188 v. Caudhry, et al, 2021 ONSC 7027; & York Region C.C. No. 794 v. Watson, et al, 2021 ONSC 6574 Introduct...
Nov 15, 2021 | Yinan Li

OBCA and OBR Changes

2021 has seen some fairly significant changes to the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA), which have recently come into effect. The province also...

Section 98 Indemnity Agreements: Unit Owners are Strictly Obligated to Enter Agreements and Risk Significant Liability for Costs for Failure to Comply

Introduction: Danielle Marks & Eric Kerson of SV Law recently obtained an Order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the “Court&rdquo...
Aug 30, 2021 | James (Jamie) F. Cockburn

Decisions from the CAT: Policies Are Not Rules

Governing documents cannot capture all scenarios. Instances will arise where clarification is required for enforcement purposes. Read this month's blo...
Jul 28, 2021 |

Builder’s Ethics: Understanding Ontario’s New Code of Ethics for Licensed Home Builders

Ethics isn’t just for philosophy students; for Ontario home builders, it is now the law. On July 1, 2021, Ontario Regulation 245/21 in...
Jun 29, 2021 |

It Pays To Be Covered

From homeowner and auto insurance to personal liability insurance, most people are more involved in insurance than they may think. It is not surprisin...
May 20, 2021 | Emma C. Storey

Do You Need to Live Together to be Common Law? Think Again!

If you consult a lawyer about separation from your partner – whether married or unmarried – one of the first questions your lawyer will as...
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