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Nov 19, 2015|Event

An Evening in Paris!

Farm & Food Care held it's eighth annual Harvest Gala on October 29th, 2015.  The theme this year was An Evening in Paris featuring tasting stations serving the best of Ontario food with a Parisian flair.

Annually, the Ontario Harvest Gala is a unique event for people from across the agriculture and food industry to celebrate and enjoy the incredible food we produce and the people who make it happen. Diane Squires and Nicola Melchers attended this wonderful event!

Surveys and statistics have told us that Canadians trust farmers. Canadian farmers don't take that trust lightly - it took generations to build, from the ground up. The trust Canadians have in farmers may not always translate into public trust for our Canadian food system today. This is where Farm & Food Care Canada comes in - to help increase the level of trust in food and farming.

Today, less than two percent of Canadians live on farms and that has led to a huge disconnect between the farm and our dinner plates. Without trust and accurate information, Canadians are not well equipped to make informed decisions about their food choices. While most Canadians surveyed have said that they know very little about how their food is produced, they've indicated that they would like to know more.

Funding from Farm & Food Care Canada will help ensure that accurate and relevant information is available to help Canadians understand the issues that matter to them.  Farm & Food Care Canada develops and supports programs to communicate with Canadians, thus helping to build confidence and trust in food and farming.

Sharing the good news about Canadian food and farming is a challenge that grows as fast as new media and global reach expands. A broad-based communication effort is required for a voice to stand out in a crowd. Farm & Food Care Canada is prepared to take the lead.

To see more information about Farm & Food Care Canada, visit their website at 

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