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Apr 20, 2017|Event

BBBSG Bowl for Kids Sake 2017

Once again, SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP is a major sponsor of Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake event!  This year this event raised over $60,000 with SmithValeriote helping to raise$8,725!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake is a great team-building event for employees. Form a team with your business and compete with other teams from the community to raise the most dollars or show the most team spirit at the bowling event. If your company is large enough to have several departments or branches, form teams for each department and have them compete amongst themselves.

The bowling event is a fun time and a great way to support young people in your community. There are usually prizes at the event (for things like best costumes, most team spirit, most money raised etc).

Put a smile on your employees faces and watch them have a great time while helping a great cause - start something!

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