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Feb 1, 2021|Event

Getting out in the Community!

Recently, Business Law Associate Jennifer Trommelen-Jones had an opportunity to be a guest speaker to a Grade 11 Law class within the Wellington Catholic District School Board. The following email was received from the class and their teacher.

Hi Jennifer, 

On behalf of my class and myself, I would like to thank you so much for a wonderful talk with my class.

It was amazing and you are a great speaker.  My class and myself really enjoyed it and learned so much.

I received many praises of thanks and how much they enjoyed listening to all the information and advice. I have to tell you that after your talk, some are considering taking law, especially after you said sports law.

I hope that in my future classes you can join us once again.

Take care and stay safe, 

Best regards, 

Mirella Sorbara-Pincivero

Teacher - Grade 11 Law

Wellington Catholic District School Board