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A condominium’s finances are its lifeblood. Unlike most corporations, condominiums do not operate with the aim of profit and must provide the facilities, amenities, and services to unit owners through the collection of monthly common element fees. Absent the consistent and secured collection of monthly common element fees condominiums cannot efficiently and effectively undertake their repair and maintenance obligations and continue to provide the services they are statutorily obligated to provide.

SV Law’s experienced team of lawyers and law clerks utilize technology, including our LienRight software solution, to assist condominiums in securing the collection and payment of common element fees. Our team ensures your condominium’s rights under the Condominium Act, 1998 are protected and assist with all aspects of collection and lien procedures. Our services include:

  • Issuing demand and First-In-First-Out (“FIFO”) letters;
  • Conducting Title Searches and appropriate due diligence searches (including designations of matrimonial homes);
  • Preparing and issuing Notices of Lien;
  • Registration of Liens in the appropriate Land Registry Office;
  • Collection of Arrears;
  • Conducting Power of Sale Proceedings;
  • Discharging Liens; and
  • Effectively communicating with clients, owners, and mortgagees throughout process.
  • From our central location in Guelph, Ontario, SV Law assists all standard, vacant land, common element, leasehold and phased condominiums in lien procedures in all jurisdictions of Ontario.